If You’re Extremely Annoyed By Loud Chewing, You Might Have A Psychiatric Disorder

Couple eating fast food. Photo: Flashpop (Getty).

Food is great. Copious amounts of good food is even better. Sometimes food is so good, you devour it with no concern for those around you, turning into a zombie from The Walking Dead as you go ham on whichever particular dish you enjoy. Trust me, I’ve been that guy.

Admittedly, I give little regard to anyone who finds disgust in my euphoria of throwing down In-N-Out burgers. He or she can kick rocks for all I care. But as it turns out, while innocently mowing down food with no regard for mankind, those who are annoyed by the sounds might have issues of their own.

Annoyed By People Chewing? You Might Have Issues

According a study from Current Biology, people can legitimately suffer from a disorder called misophonia, a condition that involves a hatred for sounds. If someone is chewing loudly around anybody with misophonia, you can imagine they are not happy with what’s going on in their immediate vicinity.

Researchers for the study used magnetic resonance imagery (MRI) to scan brain activity on subjects. Some had previously been diagnosed with misophonia, and others hadn’t. The results showed people with misophonia having brain activity go into high gear when they were introduced to certain sounds.

Some of the subjects’ results didn’t just show up on scans, but were obvious just by looking at them. Some broke out into sweats while hearing sounds, making it really obvious that they were not comfortable and probably really pissed off.

So, if you’re angry with the way I eat my food — loudly and without regard — I’m sorry, but it’s not my fault. It’s a you problem.

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