Robbers In Spain Used Dog Poop To Distract Bank Workers During Heist

Photo: RoyalFive (Getty)

You can’t knock their creativity, but we’re sure the Ministry of Health is going to knock this bank’s grade down a few spots.

According to Metro, five men in Spain were arrested after they came up with one hell of a distraction during a recent bank heist.

That distraction? You guessed it – they threw dog poop on the floor next to the front door and complained loudly about how disgusting it was. One by one, the gang of suspects, who ranged from 21 to 61 years of age, made their way into the bank director’s office and stole whatever cash and valuables he had out in the open while he would continuously leave to handle the shitty situation near the bank’s entrance.

Robbers In Spain Used Dog Poop To Distract Bank Workers During Heist

The gang has since been arrested, but at least for a while, it seemed as though they had come up with the perfect cover to make it look like they were five individuals instead of members of an organized gang.

“One wore a suit and tie, another was dressed in sports clothes with a baseball cap, one looked like a pensioner, one was a woman and another had long hair bunched up in a ponytail,” a police spokesman said. “Each had a different role and when one managed to get to see the bank director in his office, another managed to draw peoples’ attention to an animal excrement another suspect had previously dropped near the door. That way they managed to secure the attention of customers and bank employees, including the director, by shouting things like ‘What a disgrace, what about the cleaning!'”

No word on how the group decided which of them had to dress up like a woman, but based on their creativity used during the heist, we’re sure it was one hell of a process.

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