Guy Sends His Mom A Photo Of His Girlfriend, Forgets Sex Ropes Are Clearly Visible

Photo: Twitter/Maison Vallance

If you’re going to send a photo of your girlfriend to your mom for some reason, you better make sure that there is absolutely nothing in the photo that will make everyone cringe and consider not talking to each other for months. I’m telling you this because now 22-year-old Maison Vallance has that problem.

Maison, from Tennessee, was asked by his mom to look for a certain tee she had given to him in the past. When Maison found it, he decided to send her a photo of the shirt, but with his girlfriend, Meghan posing with it. Mason even shared it with Twitter.

Have a look.

Only one problem. There are ropes attached to the headboard and Maison realized his mistake soon after.

Hell, even Twitter noticed it fairly quickly.

Then again, did Maison really send this photo to his mom like he claims, or did he just want to prove to the world that he has sex? Who knows. Although it’s tough not to lean towards the latter with the way folks on social media act these days.

That said, Maison:

h/t Someecards

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