Florida Woman Arrested For Domestic Dispute Over Sex Toys

Photo: IPGGutenbergUKLtd (Getty)

It’s official, guys: Ballet teachers are kinky human beings.

According to The Smoking Gun, a 38-year-old Palm Harbor ballet teacher was arrested Monday night for allegedly striking her lover in the face during a dispute over “sex toys and a laptop.”

Police said Lindsay Hensley-Clark and Chad Scerbo were involved in some kind of “altercation over sex toys and a laptop,” and the verbal argument turned physical when Hensley-Clark slapped Scerbo because she was “upset over what Chad had said.” It’s unknown what Scerbo said that sent Hensley-Clark into domestic battery mode, but we could totally see the question “Did Matt Lauer send you these?” doing the trick.

Florida Woman Arrested For Domestic Dispute Over Sex Toys

Photo: Lindsay Hensley-Clark

Hensley-Clark and Scerbo apparently work together at the not-for-profit Tampa Ballet Theatre, where she is the president and artistic director while he is just a marketing advisor. Since Hensley-Clark pleaded not guilty to slapping the shit out of Scerbo over sex toys chit-chat, she will still be able to make contact with Scerbo. Let’s just hope from here on out it’s something other than her hand to his face.

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