Today’s Funny Photos 11-30-17

Greetings friends and well-wishers! And for those of you with any sort of sinister intentions — there’s the door. OK, there’s not really a door since this is just the intro to another funny photos roundup, but if there was, I’d be sure to slam it after you went out. Of course, if you were to slam it on you’re way, you’d kinda usurp the entire thing and I’d be really mad that you potentially damaged my door or the frame. So don’t do that part if you indeed came here to cause trouble and we’ll have no problems. That being the case, come right in, ’cause the laughs gotta be in here somewhere. They certainly weren’t anywhere to be found in that godawful opening.

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Today’s Funny Photos 11-30-17

funny photos 11-30-17 funny photos 11-30-17 funny photos 11-30-17 funny photos 11-30-17

And somehow Florida still topped it: Man Somehow Survives After 7,000-Pound Pipe Crushes Van

Are you seeing double? Nope, that’s just Page 2 of today’s funnies.