Ohio Corrections Officer Arrested After Having Sex With Inmate

Photo: Luke_Franzen (Getty)

I don’t think that’s part of the job lady.

Nakisha Newell, a 28-year-old corrections officer, was fired from her job and then arrested after she admitted to having sex with at least one inmate. On the job for only 18 months, Newell was given the boot after detectives in Butler County got a tip that Newell was bringing contraband into the jail — contraband like a cellphone and electronic cigarettes. Although that’s nothing compared to actually shacking up with an inmate.

Photo: Preble County jail

“This is unacceptable,” Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones posted on Twitter. “She was terminated immediately. Being a corrections officer is a noble but tough job. These men and women work hard and always have to be on their guard. My employees take pride in their work and strive to ensure this facility maintains a great reputation. She has tarnished that and I do not want people like that working for me.”

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Newell was charged with sexual battery, a third-degree felony, Jones said, adding that additional charges are likely. She was also charged with an additional count of sexual battery and two counts of conveyance, a misdemeanor, according to the Dayton Daily News.

Newell confessed to having sex with a male inmate during questioning about the contraband, Mike Craft of the Butler County Sheriff’s Office said. It’s unclear if the inmate will also face charges, he said.

Well, Walmart is always looking for new employees.

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