The Hilarious ‘Snatched Up’ Meme Is Taking Over Twitter

Screenshot: Twitter

Everyone loves a good meme, and you can pretty much guarantee that a new one will pop up every so often, one that completely takes over the internet. Whether it’s the Drew Scanlon blinking meme or the distracted boyfriend meme, new memes pop up all the time. And that’s why we’re here, folks, to talk about another meme that has Twitter laughing it up.

While this meme doesn’t exactly have a name, we’re calling it the “snatched up” meme because it pretty much involves a dude getting completely lifted off his feet. This meme kicked off when a Twitter user named Maiyah Hall shared a short video of someone lifting him up off his feet at Ashbrook High School.

Take a look at it below:

And that was all it took for a meme to be born. Check out the most hilarious responses below:

Well done, internet.

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