That Pet Hamster You Buried In The Backyard May Have Just Been Hibernating

Photo: mu_mu (Getty)

Um, whoops.

A woman from Oxfordshire named Lisa Goodman recently shared a story on her Facebook that is making people who had pet hamsters growing up wondering if they actually buried their “dead” hamster alive.

Lisa and her daughter Lillie thought their hamster, Fudge had passed and were ready to bury him.

“I wanted to post this and share the warning as it isn’t something that a lot of people are aware of,” Lisa explains on her Facebook. “Fudge is my daughter Lillie’s hamster so I was just praying that he would wake up. I didn’t want to have to tell her he had died.”

Well luckily for Lisa and Lillie (and especially Fudge) he wasn’t buried alive as Lisa learned that he was just hibernating.

Check out Lisa’s Facebook post below.

Lisa says:

“Some people have been commenting and remembering their pet hamsters they have buried in the past and wondering if they buried them while they were still alive. ‘I’m sure the people who have buried hamsters in the past have buried dead hamsters and not live ones as there are still small signs of life in the hibernating ones.

I don’t claim to be an expert I’m just speaking as an animal lover from my own personal experiences. ‘It’s good that we are making people aware that they just need to be a bit more careful with their hamsters and double check they are actually dead. ‘I just wanted to raise awareness as I had spoken to so many pet owners who didn’t know this happened.”

But no worries, Fudge is doing all right:

And thanks to Metro and RSPCA, here is some important info for all you hamster owners:

Image: RSPCA

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