Teacher Threatens To Fail Students If They Don’t Have Sex With Her

Out of all the teacher/student hookup stories we’ve written, this ranks up there as one of the most bizarre and awful.

A woman only identified as Yokasta M, a 40-year-old teacher in an undisclosed school in Medellin, Columbia, forced students to have sex with her, threatening to fail them if they refused. The married teacher also asked up to 40 16-year-old boys for their numbers to “help with their studies.” Yokasta even sent the boys racy and inappropriate snaps for months — snaps of herself in underwear or simply covering her boobs with just her hands.

This trash can did more awful things, too: Yokasta then proceed to invite dozens of students back to her place and ordered them to perform sex acts on her.

All of this came to a halt once a father of one of the victims discovered the racy snaps on his son’s phone and reached out to police. Yokasta was finally arrested and can face up to 40 years behind bars for her deeds. And no surprise here, but her husband filed for divorce.

Once Yokasta was arrested, one of her students shared a bunch of her x-rated images online, saying, “This is the teacher Yokasta, who tells us that she disapproves of us if we do not have relations with her.”

This lady clearly needs to never be around another minor ever again.

h/t The Sun

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