Dude ‘Officially Retires’ From Sliding Into DMs After Getting Brutally Rejected

Photo: Hybrid Images (Getty)

The majority of people have gotten rejected at least once in their life, so everyone knows that it is not the best of feelings. But one dude on Twitter named Nick decided that he would share his latest rejection with the internet, and now because of that he’s gone viral.

The 19-year-old college student slipped into a gal’s DMs recently to drop a classic pick-up line. And let’s just say that nothing went according to plan. “When I’m bored every now and then I’ll slide in a DM and use a corny pick-up line,” Nick tells BuzzFeed.

Well, let’s see what happened by taking a look at Nick’s tweet below.

Here’s a closer look:

Image: Twitter

Image: Twitter

Damn. How the hell do you come back for that? Sure, that’s one pick-up line that has been used before, but man, Nick probably wasn’t expecting that response. And since Nick was brave enough to share his “story,” Twitter rewarded him by sharing some pretty hilarious responses.

Better luck next time, Nick.

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