Woman Calls Police To Turn In Boyfriend For Reward Money While Driving Together In Stolen Car

Photo: Fotos International/Courtesy Getty Images

Talk about not wasting any time.

According to the Metro Nashville Police, Chance Mongeon and his girlfriend, Cristy Cardwell, decided to steal a rental car from the Nashville Airport after jumping the counter of the rental car facility at the airport, grabbing the keys to a 2017 Dodge Challenger and taking off. Mongeon was able to avert cops on a one-way road and over two spike strips, but it was his own girl that was his downfall.

Police actually received a call from Cardwell and she told them that she knew her boyfriend had stolen the car, but would not reveal his intentions until she received reward money, saying, “she knew the law very well and didn’t have to give him up.” Oh, and Cardwell was actually in the stolen car, too, and would give up their location after she got the reward money.

Well none of that mattered because police eventually caught up to the pair and they were both arrested. Cardwell was arrested for attempting to harbor and abet a fugitive, intentions to hinder his arrest and for refusal to provide aid to assist in Mongeon’s arrest.

No word yet if this pair will remain a couple. I’m going to go with my gut and say they won’t be remaining one.

h/t Fox 17

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