Hot Mexican Actress Arrested After Attacking Boyfriend With Birthday Cake

Photo: Wavebreakmedia (Getty)

There are plenty of hot gals out there doing crimes — let’s remind ourselves of the bikini contest competitor who was busted attacking a gal with a high heel. Or the hot blonde who tried to get out of a DUI by doing cartwheels. And now we have to talk about Karina Mora.

The 36-year-old Mexican actress was recently arrested in Florida (of course) after she attacked her boyfriend, 56-year-old Robert Brown, with, and get this, his own birthday cake.

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According to The Smoking Gun, cops say that Mora “had planned a surprise cake” for Brown’s birthday, but Brown “came home late and had been drinking,” which pissed off Mora. How much did it piss her off? Enough to attack him with a cake — a cake she had posted a photo of on Instagram just a bit earlier.

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The Smoking Gun

Mora and Brown continued to argue and call each other names as they prepared for bed, cops report. At that point, Mora “got the cake and slammed it on his head while he was trying to go to sleep.”

When subsequently questioned by a sheriff’s deputy, Mora reportedly “admitted to these actions.” Brown does not appear to have been injured in the cake thrashing.

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Mora was charged with domestic battery, a misdemeanor,  and then booked into the county jail. Although she has recently been released.

And in case you are interested, Mora has appeared in numerous Mexican telenovelas and films. No word yet if she will make an appearance on some celebrity bake-off show on The Food Network.

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