Movie Theater Evacuated After Idiot Tries To Open Beer With Pepper Spray And Fails

Photo: DonNichols (Getty)

I know people love their beer and they are willing to do anything to get some, but once you have your beer in hand, it’s probably best that you don’t try to open it with some pepper spray. Yes, people actually do that. Well, at least one person in a German City tried.

A movie theater in the Theodor-Heuss-Platz area had to be evacuated when some dude attempted to open his can of beer with a can of pepper spray. The 29-year-old man obviously failed as the beer cap tore a hole in the can of pepper spray, which expelled all of its contents into the theater.

So movie night was ruined for everyone as the theater was closed for the night. But don’t worry, no one was seriously injured, there were just plenty of tears and anger at not being able to see the movie. Now I don’t know what movie those folks were watching, but if it was Geostorm then they lucked out.

Here’s what the Osnabruek Fire Department had to say on Facebook after the incident:

“Please do not open beer bottles with pepper spray cartridges. Also don’t use handguns, grenades, bayonets, air bombs or brass knuckles.”

Well yeah, that’s a given.

h/t UPI

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