This Is Why Grammar And Reading Over Your Work Is So Important

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As writers and editors on Mandatory, I’m sure we’ve made our share of mistakes (some more embarrassing than others). When we don’t catch our grammar mistakes, you lovely folks are always quick to call us out in the comments by berating us — and we appreciate that. But as many mistakes as we’ve made, it’s hard to top what the Pratt Tribune did recently.

A Twitter user shared a headline he found in the newspaper that proves how one grammatical error can turn things on their head. In this case, the error turned an innocent story into a NSFW one.

Grammar And Reading Over Your Work Is So Important

Check out the tweet below:

It’s clear the writer wanted to talk about students getting first-hand job experience, not burying their hands into each other’s pants and having a grand old time.

Twitter reminded us that there are plenty more mistakes where that came from:

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