Coked-Up Clown Found Sleeping In Teen’s Bed Because Happy Halloween

Photo: Nathanx (Getty)

Now it seems like that clown had a hell of a night.

So what is more scary? Pennywise from IT dragging you down to the sewer or walking into your bedroom to find a clown asleep in your bed? The former obviously, because the latter is pretty damn hilarious. Well, as long as you’re not the person walking into that mess.

According to The Smoking Gun, a Vermont teenager reached out to police when he found a dude dressed up as a clown sleeping in his bed. When cops arrived they found 43-year-old Sean Barber, “intoxicated and sleeping in an upstairs bedroom inside the occupied residence.” Oh, but there’s more, as Barber was also “found to be in possession of cocaine during his arrest.”

And it’s pretty obvious from his mugshot that Barber was in possession of coke.

Oh man, I just want to know how someone reaches that point in their life.

Barber was booked on unlawful trespass and cocaine possession charges. No word yet as to why in the hell Barber was found sleeping in a clown costume but my best guess is that he really knows how to celebrate Halloween.

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