Today’s Funny Photos 10-30-17

Welcome back to the hell we all know and despise as Monday. On the plus side, you might have some Halloween parties to attend tonight. On the neg, you can face the consequences of being hungover tomorrow or have no fun at all. Those aren’t great options. However, there are 16 great options in the form of today’s funny photos (17 if you count the header image). That’s gotta count for something. And if not, then you’re a little too high maintenance and I think we should see other people.

I immediately take it back. Don’t leave me! Here, have some more free entertainment in the form of Mandatory on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Today’s Funny Photos 10-30-17

funny photos 10-30-17funny photos 10-30-17funny photos 10-30-17funny photos 10-30-17

Probably wasn’t this one: So Now PornHub Has Released Their Own NSFW Coloring Book

Quit freaking out. Page 2 is right around the internet corner.