Today’s (Spooky) Funny Photos 10-31-17

Halloween is finally here. Unfortunately, instead of today being something like, say, Saturday, it’s Tuesday. If you’re lucky, at the very least everyone in your office/immediate vicinity is dressed for the occasion to lighten the mood. If not, we have a solution of our own. As you could probably figure out from our super cryptic title, today’s funny photos have been injected with a touch of the holiday spirit. Or, spirits. And yes, that was a ghost joke. Prepare for plenty more as you scroll through this extra special edition of spooky goofs.

Spooky Funny Photos 10-31-17

This just in: following Mandatory on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is good for your funny bone. If only such a bone existed, you’d be in great shape.

Now that you’re officially laughed out, why not push it to the limit by browsing yesterday’s funny photos? What’s it going to do, kill ya? How cool would that be on Halloween?