So Is Anyone Out There Dressing Up As A ‘Sexy Goldfish’ For Halloween?

Photo: MirekKijewski (Getty)

I know there are plenty of absurd costumes out there, especially for single people — but can someone explain to me who in their right mind would want to go out in public dressed up as something called a “sexy goldfish”?

Just take a look at the tweet below:

Yes, that’s a real thing. And you can actually buy it. It’s called the “Cozy Goldfish,” but in reality it’s just an excuse for some gal to attempt to look hot by dressing up as the fish every kid got at their local fair — the same type of fish you would let die in less than 24 hours. But hey, don’t you worry because there are a few different versions of this costume for you to choose from:

This is getting out of hand.

And yet, some people are all for it:

Well, at least one person reading this will buy it, that’s for sure (share photos if you do).

h/t Someecards

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