The Week’s Funniest GIFs 10-12-17

You just stepped into another rousing edition of funny GIFs from around the internet. And because we always like to give you a little something extra, today we LITERALLY packed in a couple more GIFs for your enjoyment than usual. We’re just that nice. Or maybe we just had a surplus and didn’t want to just throw the rest out or save them for next week. They wouldn’t be funky fresh then, anyways. So today, you reap the benefits of our…well, it’s more or less just laziness at the end of the day. Plus, when you gotta caption these damn things week in and week out, you tend to celebrate when you come up with more than usual. And yes, that’s as sad as it sounds.

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Funniest GIFs 10-12-17

The end is never truly the end when it comes to our GIF roundups. Let us explain why in big, multi-colored letters.

Last week’s funniest GIFs are always just a click away. But not by military definition. That’s actually spelled “klick.” Surprised you didn’t know that.