Florida Man Googles ‘How To Rob A Bank’ And Then Does It

Photo: YinYang (Getty)

Our “Weird News” section would probably be empty without Florida, so kudos to those crazy folks out there. Now let’s all talk about William Joe Johnson.

Johnson is a 26-year-old man who was recently arrested in Pinellas Park, after he robbed a bank at gun point. According to police, Johnson stole an undisclosed amount of money from a credit union and then used the money on “utilities, rent, and a drug binge.”

Florida Man Googles ‘How To Rob A Bank’ And Then Does It

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But this is why this has become such an entertaining bit of news: During an investigation, police found Johnson at a hotel, and during an interview, detectives said that Johnson told them he was in need of cash and Googled “how to rob a bank.”

That’s right, folks, this dude wanted to know how to commit a crime so he of course just looked up how to do it. Then again, he could have just watched countless movies about it, too.

Maybe now he should research “how to escape prison.” Although, there’s always this way:


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