Everyone Is Impressed By This Weed Dealer’s Extremely Professional Automated Text

Photo: South_agency (Getty)

Even if your thing is selling weed to everyone from college kids to miserable dads, you still have to have a level of professional, right? Well one Twitter user’s weed dealer knows exactly what I’m talking about because he might just be the most professional weed dealer out there. Let me explain.

Twitter user @_Mandieeee has recently gone vial after she shared an automated text that she received from her weed dealer informing everyone not to bother him on his birthday because he won’t be selling anything. Take a look at the tweet.

Man, this dude probably wears a suit and a tie to sell weed like a true boss.


And everyone on Twitter was impressed by this dealer. Take a look at the best responses below.

Now if only can make some time to answer those 76 unread messages.

h/t Metro

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