Twitter Is Laughing At A Grandma Who Accidentally Bought Her 6-Year-Old Grandchild A Pretty Filthy Book

Photo: wicksy (Getty)

All that grandmas want to do is to overfeed you, take your side when you’re arguing with your mom and buy you gifts. But sometimes they don’t exactly know what they are buying — you know, cause they are old. And that’s exactly what occurred to one grandma recently: she had no clue what she purchased. Let us explain.

A Twitter user named Tiffany shared with the internet world that her mom bought her six-year-old grandchild a book titled “If Animals Could Talk.” And it’s pretty clear that Tiffany’s mom didn’t read a single page inside the book because the book is not aimed at kids at all and it is instead a pretty filthy and hilarious book for adults.

Check out the tweet below:

Here’s a closer look:

Photo: Twitter/Tiffany1985B

Photo: Twitter/Tiffany1985B

Incredible. And Tiffany even shared some of the best pages from inside the book:

And it sounds like Tiffany’s kid got a good look at the book, too:

Well, it certainly sounds like Tiffany’s mom was clueless:

Look at it this way: at least that six-year-old is now ready for the harsh world.

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