The Week’s Funniest GIFs 10-5-17

To be blunt, there is nothing particularly exciting about Thursdays. Even the songs about it are slim and nil (not to mention not all that great by comparison). However, its particular brand of blandness leaves so much to be desired that we figure weekly GIFs are the perfect solution. With any luck, you’ll be laughing on repeat all the way into Friday. Of course, anything beyond that and you should probably consult with your doctor.

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Funniest GIFs 10-5-17

GIFs 10-5-17

When you went to see Baywatch because you thought it’d be loaded with sexy babes the entire time.

GIFs 10-5-17

Best save of the match.

GIFs 10-5-17

Try this next time you don’t want to talk to someone.

GIFs 10-5-17

We sure had it rough as kids.


All a part of the learning process…I think.




Say goodbye to painful belly flops.


This is what happens when you don’t believe in yourself.


Pray for mantis.


All this slow panning is making me hungry.


Thus, another week of hilarious GIFs comes to an end…or does it?

Phew, all those looping LOLz made us hungry. Hungry for last week’s funniest GIFs, that is. Care to join us?