A British Dude Was Once Arrested For Pretending To Be A Ghost In A Cemetery

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This story is an oldie, but it’s still a classic and it’s perfect for the Halloween season. Oh, and it’s all true.

For those who have never heard of this story, it is all about a British 24-year-old man named Anthony Stallard. Stallard decided, while out drinking of course, that he wanted to head to the Kingston cemetery in Portsmouth and pretend to be a ghost. So what did Stallard do? Well he started kicking a football at graves while making “ghostly noises” within earshot of people visiting said graves.

A British Dude Was Once Arrested For Pretending To Be A Ghost In A Cemetery


And yep, police were called and Stallard was actually arrested. At the end of the day Stallard was charged with “using threatening or abusive words or behavior likely to cause distress.”

It gets funnier: Prosecuting at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court, Tim Concannon had this to say: said: ‘

“While the football was going on they were shouting and this defendant was effectively singing loudly and being disrespectful in among the graves. He was throwing himself backwards, waving his arms about and going ‘wooooooo’. I’m assuming he was pretending to be a ghost.”



The court heard that Stallard had committed the offense while subject to a 12-month conditional discharge, which he had received for a charge of harassment in January. He was also in breach of a suspended sentence for an offense of assault, which he had committed in August last year.

Stallard, was fined £35 ($46.37) and made to pay a £20 ($26.50) victim surcharge and £20 in court costs. An extra three months was added to his suspended sentence, which will now run for 15 months instead of the previous 12.

And that’s the story of how a random bloke decided to retire his ghost impression.

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