Everyone Is Laughing At This Awful Invention Called The ‘Pause Pod’

Screenshot: Twitter/Pause Pod

If the Hushme didn’t make enough people look at you and question whether you’re sane or not, perhaps this latest invention will do the trick. It’s called the “Pause Pod,” and it is being marketed as a place to slip away to escape from the loud and chaotic world. And yes, it’s pretty much a tent that you can set-up at your work office and have people hate you.

A Kickstarter page has been started for this invention, a invention that is described as followed:

“You deserve a Pause. At home, on-the-go, at work. Recharge with Night on demand. Meditate, power nap, read, home cinema and much more.”

Just take a look at this ridiculous thing:

Oh, and this thing can be all yours for just $100! (more for add-ons). Just look at the photo below for all the places you can use it at.

Photo: Kickstarter/Pause Pod

Photo: Kickstarter/Pause Pod

Completely absurd. And of course Twitter can’t stop laughing.

I bet you all $20 the next rooftop party you go to there will be at least one guy who owns this.

h/t Someecards

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