Today’s Funny Photos 10-2-17

See? You tell us your thoughts, and we listen. You don’t like funny photos slideshows, then to hell with them! They’re gone! We appreciate the feedback. Well, except for you Sam Sandler. That really hurt our feelings (jk bud, we said adios to basic human emotion long ago). But we held onto laughter, because that’s kind of important in order to do our jobs well. Hence, another uproarious collection of funny photos to keep you laughing all day long. Or for the next five minutes, at least. Who wants to be entertained for a full day anyways? Besides, our attention spans are so short anymore, I’d be surprised if I even finished writing this int

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Today’s Funny Photos 10-2-17

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Actually, that’s not food: Check Out This Dog Who Found A Giant Dildo In The Bushes And Wouldn’t Let It Go

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