College Student Shot In Drive-By Goes Viral For The Most Casual Email To Professor

Photo: Tvish (Getty)

Everyone has tried to get out of taking an exam at least once in their life, and if you weren’t faking sick you were telling the professor that your aunt Kathy had died and you had to attend the funeral even though aunt Kathy had died about six times that year already. But one student from the University of Memphis actually had a pretty great excuse to get out of an exam: he was shot. Let us explain.

The student, who is only telling folks his first name of Henry, was recently driving around with his girlfriend in Jackson, Mississippi when he was suddenly shot.

Screengrab: via FOX 13

Screengrab: via FOX 13

“As the light turned green the truck just zoomed passed me,” Henry tells FOX 13. “My girlfriend did see a man hanging outside the [truck] window and he shot three shots into our car.”

Henry was shot in the leg, but fortunately his girlfriend was not harmed.

“I didn’t realize that I was shot at the time,” Henry adds. “We pulled over for a second and I kind of put my hand like right here and it was just like, instantaneously covered in blood.”

But it’s the email that Henry sent his professor that has the internet buzzing. Take a look at the super chill and casual email that Henry sent his professor, Professor Rita.

Screengrab: via FOX 13

Screengrab: via FOX 13

It reads:

“Hey Rita I’m in your accounting class MW 12:40. So I got shot in a drive by shooting this weekend. I was wondering if I could take the test later in the week. Seeing the current situation.”

Yep, that’s it. Right to the point. Here’s what Henry had to say:

“I didn’t know what to say to my professor, so I kind of put it nonchalant. I was just like, ‘Dear Professor Rita, I was shot in a drive-by shooting is there anyway that I can move the test?’ And she worked with me really well, and was super nice about it.”

While the shooter(s) haven’t been caught yet, Henry hopes they are for the sake of everyone. Oh, and while Henry was treated at the hospital, the bullet is still lodged in Henry’s leg but he hopes to have it removed one day. Hey, he should keep it, ladies love that.


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