Climbers Rescued From Top Of Mountain After Getting Too Stoned To Climb Down

Photo: Diverse Images/UIG (Getty)

They were a tad too high. Literally.

If you’re looking for an “experience,” just watch IT while high. Don’t climb England’s highest mountain and get high because chances are you will end up like the stoners in this story.

Photo: CM Dixon/Heritage Images/Getty Images

Photo: CM Dixon/Heritage Images/Getty Images

A group of climbers made it to the top of Scarfell Pike in the Lake District when they decided to celebrate by getting high. Well it seems like the group celebrated a tad too much because they ended up too “incapacitated” and unable to make their way back down the mountain. Police actually had to head up there in order to rescue the group.

Hell, even Cumbria Police tweeted all about it.

And then…

Man, that’s pretty humiliating — having to be rescued because you smoked way too much. And Twitter of course had their jokes and opinions.


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