Police Want People To Stop Reporting This ‘Decapitated Body’

Photo: Kativ (Getty)

It seems like police in Tennessee have grown tired of people calling 911 to report a “decapitated body.” And why’s that? Well it’s because that “body” is simply nothing but a fantastic Halloween decoration. Let us explain.

A man named Joseph Lovergive (what a last name) recently put up a Halloween display by his garage door of what looks like a man who has just lost his head. And the display looks so real that Lovergive’s neighbor, Johnny Riddle (holy hell, these names) actually called police.

“I thought it was somebody,” Riddle later told WJHL. “I thought it was somebody laying up there on the driveway.”

Here’s the decoration that was shared by the Greene County Sheriff’s Department on Facebook with this caption:

“ATTENTION EVERYONE!!! For those of you driving on Chuckey Pike in Greene County: THIS IS A HALLOWEEN DECORATION! Do NOT call 911 reporting a dead body. Instead, congratulate the homeowner on a great display.”

Police later showed up to Lovergive’s home after the “body” was reported only to discover it was nothing but a Halloween prop, so all was well in Lovergive’s home.

Although, a few people are not fans of this decoration, especially this lady.

What a bummer, Judy.

Check out the WJHL news report below to hear interviews about this story.

(Facebook image: YouTube/WJHL)

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