Scottish Man Calls Out Cop’s Parking Job Then Gets Owned By Police For His Crappy Effort

Photo: Anders Clark / EyeEm (Getty)

I have learned through the years that if you’re going to call out the police – or anybody for that matter – you better make sure that your life is motherfucking tip-top first.

According to HuffPost, a man in Dumfries, Scotland recently learned that the hard way when he jumped on Facebook to publicly shame a police officer for parking his vehicle over a line outside of a Tesco store.

Callum Smith’s post didn’t initially go viral, and that’s probably because the majority of people looked at with the mindset of “Get a job or a hobby instead of being a twat.” It was only after the Dumfries Galloway Police Division left a picture and a blurb in the comments section about Smith’s shitty parking effort that was not only outside of the lines at the same car park but also…wait for it…in a “disabled space.”

The post reads:

“Thanks Callum. Remember you parked in the same car park 5 years ago and tagged the photo the ‘polo way to park’. Here’s the photo to remind you, oh and that’s also a disabled space “

And here’s a closer look at Callum’s awful parking job.

Photo: Facebook/ Dumfries Galloway Police Division

Photo: Facebook/ Dumfries Galloway Police Division

And that, kids, is how you get somebody to shut their damn yapper. All you have to do is flaunt their previous failures, mistakes and example of bad judgement right back in their faces.

Smith seemed to enjoy the burn, as he left a “Credit where it’s due” comment along with a bunch of crying/laughing emojis. Also, our guess is that he’ll be double-checking his park jobs in Dumfries from now on.

Just a friendly reminder that cops use social media, too: Murder Suspect Arrested After Hopping On Instagram To Show Off His Weapons