Florida Woman Attacks Husband After He Interrupts Her While She’s Pleasuring Herself

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Boy, she must have really been into it.

Let’s all talk about 43-year-old Garrett Higgs and his 42-year-old wife, Flavia. The couple has not been “intimate for a year,” so they currently sleep in separate bedrooms in their home in Port St. Lucie. And that’s probably why Flavia was going to town on herself recently, but unfortunately for her she was interrupted.

Photo: Facebook/Garrett Higgs

Photo: Facebook/Garrett Higgs

Garrett returned home late one night when he heard moans coming from inside Flavia’s locked bedroom. Thinking there was another dude in his house, Garrett used a screwdriver to unlock the door and get into Flavia’s room. Well, there was no other man. It was just Flavia masturbating.

Pissed off that her husband had interrupted her good time an argument followed, and Flavia eventually hit her husband right in his face and then called 911. Here’s what the arrest affidavit reads.

“He said he and his wife have been estranged for some time living in separate bedrooms and had not had any intimate time in over a year. He said when he heard the noise he went to the room where she was staying and heard the sounds again. The woman told the same story. 

She said their relationship was failing and she had been living in another room. She said she was pleasuring herself and he barged in to the room.  She jumped up and went to the door to stop him and tried to physically escort him away at which point he pushed her arm away and against the wall.”

Photo: Facebook/Garrett Higgs

Photo: Facebook/Garrett Higgs

And all that led to Flavia being arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery, but she has recently been released from the Port St Lucia County Jail.

In conclusion, don’t interrupt a lady when she’s finally finds some time to enjoy herself.

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