A Champion Irish Racing Dog Tested Positive For Cocaine

Photo: Bob Thomas (Getty)

Was it because his owner would go to any lengths to make sure his dog was a winner, or was the celebrity and fame that comes with being a winning pooch too much for one Irish canine to handle?

The world may never know exactly why one champion racing dog in Ireland recently tested positive for snout candy three times, but according to Sports Illustrated, the Irish Greyhound Board has decided to put a freeze on the 30,000 euros worth of prize money that Clonbrien Hero and his owner hauled in after he won the “prestigious” Irish Laurels.

A Champion Irish Racing Dog Tested Positive For Cocaine


The failed tests were conducted at Cork Greyhound Stadium between June 24 and July 22, the last one coming after Clonbrien Hero won the Irish Laurels by some 28 seconds.

Yeah, that’s kind of a red flag.

The dog is trained by Graham Holland, who of course said his pooch ingested the booger sugar “accidentally.”

‘If you know you are going to be tested when you win a race, you are not going to administer cocaine to a greyhound,” Holland said. “I’ve been training greyhounds for over 30 years and now I’m accused of doping them.”

Luckily for Clonbrien Hero, he’ll be able to race again once all of the cocaine is out of his system. It’s just that the after-race parties are going to be super fucking dull from here on out.

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