Today’s Funny Photos 9-15-17

Another workweek down the drain. That’s the best place to put it, anyways. Just don’t flush actual garbage down there. People get pretty upset about it, and it’s gross to look at. Now that we’ve got that awful imagery in your head, these funny photos will be an even better sight for sore eyes by comparison. Don’t worry, though, we won’t make a habit out of it.

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Funny Photos 9-15-17

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And yet, even the homeliest among us still manage to find that special someone: Study Finds That Women Are Happier Being With Less Attractive Men


You’re looking at the wrong Stallone: Just A Reminder That Sly Stallone’s Daughter Sophia Rose Is A Knockout



We’ll continue with the highbrow humor next week. Until then, yesterday’s funny photos beckon.