Are We There Yet: Topnotch Resort & Spa

Are We There Yet: Topnotch Resort & Spa

There’s something very interesting about visiting Stowe in November – while everyone told me I was going at the wrong time (it being November and all), it’s between seasons, meaning less people and, in my opinion, less hassle. However, with the incredible surroundings and endless local activities, it came as no surprise that this is a hotspot destination all year-round – in the warm months as well as the snowy ones, Stowe’s got it all.


My husband and I spent a long weekend in Stowe at the Topnotch Resort & Spa, and even though we were one of many couples, there were groups of both guys and girls who had come to spend a few days of pampering and fun with friends – in addition to incredible amenities that include indoor and outdoor pools as well as hot tubs, a sauna, and a steam room, they boast a full-service spa, horseback riding, and there are tons of great trails right in their backyard. Their on-site restaurant Norma’s was delicious for a gourmet breakfast overlooking the panoramic views as well as fantastic dinners. And the customer service – well, there’s no other words to describe it other than topnotch!


The town of Stowe completely caters to the bevy of tourists who pile in during peak seasons – there are an endless array of restaurants, bars, shops, and more. Rent bikes, kayaks, or ATVs, go hiking or skiing – there’s no activity that doesn’t have a place in Stowe. There are quite a few wineries and breweries in the area that offer tours (and free samples), not to mention the iconic Ben & Jerry’s plant that’s centrally-located. And you’ll never run out of outdoor areas to explore – we hit two state parks in one afternoon.


Whether you’re in search of a quiet romantic weekend with your other half or a rowdy hardcore guy’s getaway, Stowe has got something for everyone. And if you want a great all-service resort where you can stay, the Topnotch Resort is it. This ski town has adventure, indulgence, and beauty, all tucked away in the mountains.


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