Naked California Brothers Arrested For Breaking Into A Church With Fake Gun

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Well that’s certainly one headline I never expected to write.

Let’s just get into this bizarre story. Two brothers, 24-year-old Paul Vincent Vielkind and 22-year-old Brandon Joseph Vielkind were both arrested after police say they broke into a church while naked using a fake rifle, and then proceeded to trash the place. Why? Well according to their mom it is because they were “sticking up for her.” What now?

That’s right, the mother, 52-year-old Rhonda Hodges, who is Native American, says her sons were “trying to get a message to pastor Greg Laurie that they don’t like discrimination against their mother.” But why the hell were they naked? Oh, Rhonda says to “express their fearlessness.” Translation: they were on drugs.

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Orange County Register

The brothers smashed a glass door to gain entry to the unoccupied church, said Kim Mohr, an Irvine police spokeswoman. Police were initially told by a security guard the suspects may be armed with rifles.

Roughly two hours later, at around 9:20 p.m., the brothers threw a smoke bomb outside and left the building, one without clothing and one partially clothed, Mohr said.

Police, who believe the pair were under the influence of a controlled substance, did not find weapons in the church; however, they did locate what appears to be a replica rifle, Mohr said. The suspects had ransacked the church’s cafe and caused minor damage to other rooms but didn’t gain access to the sanctuary, said Johnnie Moore, the Harvest spokesman.

Johnnie Moore, a Harvest spokesman, said the church is multiethnic and does not tolerate discrimination. Here’s what else Moore added.

“Everyone is welcome, and the church has members and attendees from every imaginable background. If Mrs. Hodges made a complaint, then it will be dealt with judicially according to church policy. We are sincerely praying for Mrs. Hodges and for her sons. We cannot imagine what must be running through her mind given the terrible events of the last day.”

The brothers were arrested on suspicion of burglary and felony vandalism. Something tells me these dudes need Jesus.

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