Dude Gets Wrong Number Text And Learns All About A Hilarious Fight Between Two Moms

Photo: Andreas Kuehn (Getty)

Wrong number texts are the best. Well, at least the ones we’ve heard about are pretty damn great. I’m talking about wrong numbers gems like the dude who texted the wrong number and began talking about his unfortunate penis size. Or like the time a manager sent an employee a super harsh text meant for his wife. These are pure entertainment. And the same can be said for the wrong number text below.

A Twitter user named Noah Paul shared with Twitter a random text he got from a woman named Helen. And let’s just say Helen was not happy at all with another woman named Christi.

Wow, now that’s some crazy suburban drama. While Noah didn’t respond, he did get another text.

And while Noah has not responded yet (although he should have as soon as he got the message), this other Twitter user had the perfect tweet to all this.

Helen goes hard.

h/t Distractify

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