Starz Orders ’60s Era Mob Drama

Starz Orders '60s Era Mob Drama

While HBO’s "Boardwalk Empire" has cornered the market on the prohibition era crime dramas, Starz has decided that the ’60s will be its territory.

Deadline is reporting that Starz has ordered "Magic City" straight to series for a 10 episode first season which will begin airing in 2012.

"Magic City" will take place in the ’60s at a high end Miami hotel that becomes a haven for mobsters, entertainers and politicians after Fidel Castro seizes power in Cuba and drives the gambling industry out of Havana. The series was created by Mitch Glazer, who will write at least eight of the ten episodes, three of which are already finished.

Glazer reportedly based "Magic City" on his memories of his youth in Miami.

“I was born and raised in Miami Beach, grew up in those swank hotel lobbies,” recalled Glazer. “I love that world and those stories. Miami in the early ‘60s was a tropical crossroads, America’s Casablanca. The Rat Pack, CIA, the mob, JFK and anti-Castro warriors, all hanging out in the same Collins Avenue nightclub.”

“Mitch has created a world populated with unforgettable characters and with a big dynamic story,” added Chris Albrecht, Starz’ President and CEO. “The talented creative team that has come together for ‘Magic City’ will ensure a show that we think audiences won’t want to miss.”

Glazer is primarily known for writing "The Recruit," "Scrooged," "Three of Hearts," "The Recruit" and a late ’90s adaptation of Charles Dicken’s "Great Expectations." He also wrote and directed "Passion Play" earlier this year.

"Magic City" is expected to begin casting soon and will be shot in Miami early next year.