Dude Tries Carjacking Three Football Players, Gets Absolutely Pulverized

Villain with a gun threatened driver. Photo: Laures (Getty).

Getting carjacked is a crazy and scary experience. It’s usually better to just comply with the carjacker instead of trying to confront them for a car that your insurance will probably replace anyway.

Unless the carjacker doesn’t know how to drive stick, he’ll be getting away with your ride and you’ll be living to see another day. But not every thief gets away — some get the ever-loving crap beaten out of them for trying to steal the WRONG car.

Dude Tries Carjacking Football Players, Gets Pulverized

Police arrested a suspected carjacker who clearly messed up when choosing who to try to jack. Angelo Martinez clearly didn’t do the math and thought that stealing a car from three football players would be a good idea. Nope!

carjacking football players

Photo: Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office

When the three agreed to give him a ride, they reached his drop-off point and he pulled out a gun, telling them to get out of the car. When the moron fumbled his weapon, one of the three football players cracked him right in the face. The other two jumped in and, well, let’s just say Angelo immediately regretted his decision.

The altercation probably looked something like this:

The three players beat the dude down and restrained him until cops arrived. It turns out the suspect’s gun was fake, but he did have a real knife and a note that said, “Give me the keys to your wip and a nobody get heart. I know where you live so don’t make me kill.” We’re pretty sure he meant nobody will get HURT, but he’s not the smartest guy, so maybe he really thinks that’s how it’s spelled.

h/t WSVN.com

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