The Funniest POF Dating Site Complaints

Photo: zwawol(Getty Images)

Plenty of Fish, or POF as it is commonly known, is one of the most well-known online dating sites in the sea of them. While it might seem like the website is legit to those who only heard of it because of the uplifting, kind phrase used as its name, it is actually a badly organized cash grab that most people are calling a scam nowadays.

Unlike the scummy people using Ashley Madison, the people on Plenty of Fish don’t deserve this, at least not by default. The POF dating site was completely free for many years and has been bought by the subscription-funded, which some people think led to the intentional destruction of Plenty of Fish.

POF reviews do a great deal of explaining the dating site has, and it seems not even our tips on online dating could help the users.

Funny POF reviews

POF review #1: I am an older guy, looking for a GF to date, have fun with. POF pushes you into an age bracket closing off anyone within 15 years. But it doesn’t matter because most of the women are fake. I think the site is a fake, just out for victim money. They really are what their url suggests, Plenty OFFISH. ALL the women are plenty offish, alright. No bites, no nibbles, nada. Disgusting ** saying ** men only, who’d want such a woman? Followed their ideas for profile, and was honest. Men probably should LIE. Response rate: zero. Messages UNreturned in every case. Also not a “Free” site, everything pushes a person to get a “premium” membership before you can message anyone.

POF review #2: I would like to start a class action lawsuit against POF for online scam. They offer paid membership and no online support. I had someone steal my paid account and POF will only respond to a paid account if you send it from that profile. How is that possible if your account is stolen. They will not offer refunds so how is this a legitimate business if you cannot get a hold of the company? I also notice it’s a Canadian company so maybe this is being funded by terrorist organization?! Maybe along with class action lawsuit it should be reported to US Government as a terrorist organization laundering funds through Canada!

POF review #3: This POF dating site is completely unsafe and dangerous. I suffered a Nigerian scam situation that scared me a lot. Since then, I am very perspicacious and I smell the scam profiles with a lot of precision. They have a pattern to follow. People usually doesn’t write correct English and the pictures are fake. I found two profiles with the same fake pictures, I reported them to POF and POF block ME instead those profiles. Perhaps the owner of the site is involved in this kind of situations? Laundering money through this site? I don’t know. Something smell fishy here.

POF review #4: I casually view some fish in there and one caught my attention. I decided to create a free profile to write to that fish. I created a profile and was immediately logged in. However, the fish I wanted to write to had become MIA. I followed the same search criteria and making sure to relist any previously viewed fish. None found. Next day I could not log into my account. I knew my password by heart so it wasn’t it. Eventually I got tired of it so I had it reset. But I never got the email. I decided to create a new profile but using the same username. I went through all the creation and I was logged in again. Now I looked for that particular fish by her username. I found the fish and when I wrote to the fish the page asked me to log back in even though I was already! Now I am not. Ok fine, I attempted to log in but it won’t let me. Let it be known that I actually know my password by heart! POF sucks really bad.

POF review #5: I used POF on and off for three years. They have deleted accounts on accident, constantly been having server issues, and shutting down. You’d think with the spike in the purchasing of membership they’d use that money to fix these issues. I am so done. Honestly POF is more of a hookup site, or find yourself your very own next stalker.