Today’s Funny Photos 8-10-17

You may recall that yesterday during a very similar intro to funny photos, I claimed I’d have something really good to tell you today. Well, as you could probably assume, I was bluffing. That is, until something literally fell into my lap last night in the form of the Tim and Eric 10 Year Anniversary Awesome Tour! Now, to be fair, the tickets didn’t necessarily fall into my lap, but the news that the duo would be premiering a Season 6 Special of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! next Sunday  (or maybe this Sunday; I can’t recall) did. Plus, they showed everyone in the audience the episode, and it was outstanding. Anyways, you might be wondering why I would share this news here rather than in a separate post. Well, truthfully, I don’t have an answer to that question outside of just for shizzes and giggs (and to make sure you’re reading my intros, which I know everyone does). Now, enjoy the funnies and relish the happy news.

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Today’s Funny Photos 8-10-17

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We’ve clearly got nothing left in the tank. Well, besides the usual yesterday’s funny photos, of course.