Today’s Funny Photos 8-9-17

There’s a feeling of dread that comes with every funny photos intro. Will I be able to come up with something topical? Witty? Will people find it amusing? Will they read it at all? (j/k, I totally know everyone does). It’s questions like these constantly spinning through my head that I believe make me a better comedy writer, if you want to call me that. Unfortunately, all this pondering has left me out of time. But I’m sure I’ll cook up something really good for you by tomorrow. Until then, well, funnies.

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Today’s Funny Photos 8-9-17

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That’s preeetty good, but it’s really more of a Sesame Street meme: 25 Star Wars Memes To Get You Pumped For Any Sequel, Prequel Or Spin-Off


WARNING: If you’re afraid of sexy clowns, the fun stops now.


Not gonna sugarcoat it, we finished on way too many dick and masturbation jokes (and even that statement was a thinly veiled one). But don’t worry, yesterday’s funny photos were surely more wholesome.