This University Ironically Has A Pretty Bad Spelling Mistake On Their Water Tower

Photo: Twitter

College is severely expensive. So are the textbooks. So is everything that has anything to do with college. That is why the majority of us are deep in debt once we finally graduate, only to realize just how useless college is. Although it sees like the people put in charge of writing “Wichita State University” on their water tower perhaps needed one or two college English courses. Let us explain.

This summer Wichita State University decided it would be a good idea to put their name on their water tower in order to welcome students returning back from their summer break — you know, as a way to make sure every student knows what school they are entering in case they forget. There’s only one problem: there was a pretty bad spelling mistake on the water tower.

Have a look.

So not Wichita State University, but Wichita Staty Universite. And you can’t make such a blatant mistake like this and expect not to get roasted by Twitter. Take a look at some of these hilarious reactions to the failed spelling.

But don’t worry, because the university realized their mistake.

Welcome back to school, kids.

h/t Distractify

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