Twitter Roasted This $450 ‘Pilgrim Dress’ A Store Is Trying To Sell

Photo: Creatures of Comfort

Fashion is weird, kids. Like really weird, and we sometimes have no explanation for it. Like why are detachable jeans for sale? And why do people have to pay $425 to buy some jeans with fake mud on them? We have no idea. Just like we don’t have an answer to why a store is selling a $450 dress that looks like something a pilgrim might have worn.

And we are getting word of this bizarre dress thanks to a Twitter user named Doree Shafrir who posted the dress on her Twitter. Now I don’t know much about fashion, but this looks like something an extra on The Village would have worn.

Check out the tweet below.

Here’s a closer look:

Photo: Creatures of Comfort

Photo: Creatures of Comfort

And of course Twitter had plenty to say about this.

And yet, some gal will purchase this.

h/t Someecards

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