Today’s Funny Photos 8-4-17

Ever forget it’s Friday? That’s a weird feeling, isn’t it? How could you forget what most probably consider the most glorious day of the week? Was it just such a rough five-day period that you simply stopped keeping track because you didn’t care anymore? Or were you having so much fun that the week simply flew by before you knew it? For that matter, how many questions can one ask in succession and still qualify what they are doing as an introduction? Am I dying? Why can’t I stop? Will someone please call someone for help? Why aren’t you just scrolling down to the funnies already? Do you enjoy seeing someone in pain? What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with me?

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Today’s Funny Photos 8-4-17

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It’s never a good idea to make fun of pizza unless you want bad things to happen: Chaos Erupts At Toronto Pizza Parlor As Crazy Brawl Goes Down

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Also: Tinder Gal Warns Dudes That Any Dick Pics Will Be Sent To Their Mom, One Guy Obviously Sends One Anyway

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Your guess is as good as our…funny photos from yesterday. So I guess you could say it’s pretty damn good.