Funny Bar Signs From Instagram

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In the rough climate of capitalism opposing businesses have to resort to some ungodly methods to stay in front of their competitors. Then there are bars. They chose the route which made everyone like them more and that is by making funny bar signs. Since bars are usually lined up near each other, there was a need for something to differentiate from the beer-pouring establishments. Humor and wit were a perfect choice, which is why funny bar signs became a thing on the internet as well.

So enjoy a collection of funny bar signs from Instagram

Funny Bar Signs

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Drink up! It makes others more interesting!

Never was there a truer statement than this one said. And some people dare to say that we are selfish and never do a thing for someone other than ourselves.

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I like my beer like I like my violence. Domestic.

This is a brilliant joke, any professional comic would agree. As Bill Burr says about it – there is no fat on this joke, every word needs to be there. But unfortunately, we live in a world filled with political correctness zombies who complained about the sign and even got the waitress who wrote it fired.

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It’s not our wine that killed Joffrey!

Marketing is all about being relevant and catering to what people are into at the moment. Since there isn’t a thing bigger than Game of Thrones this bar really nailed it with this sign. Although, stating that they killed Joffrey would have brought them even more guests.

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Coffee – because adulting is hard.

Funny bar signs speak the truth and that is why they resonate so much with the people. But is coffee enough for the troubles we endure?

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Step aside coffee. This is a job for bourbon.

There you go! Who knows, maybe this sign is standing across the street from the previous and they are a part of some sort of bar phrases battle.