The Week’s Funniest GIFs 8-3-17

How can we be approaching Fall 2017 already? True, it’s still about a month and a half out, but the fact that it’s August already is troubling. That means tomorrow it could be December, and Friday could be the end of the world. Are we really having that much fun this year? My theory is that if we are, it’s because of hilarious GIFs roundups. A little narcissistic? Sure. But then again, nothing I’ve said up to this point makes much sense, so why not swing for the fences? Speaking of which, this week’s collection is sure to once again knock it out of the park.

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Funniest GIFs 8-3-17

GIFs 8-3-17
Hey, I was watching cat!
GIFs 8-3-17
If you’re going to give up, put your whole body into it.
GIFs 8-3-17
Slow and steady wins the race. At least she has the slow part down.
GIFs 8-3-17
I hope he called timeout, or that’s just embarrassing.
To be fair, you don’t even need sound to know this was an incredibly boring conversation before that guy came along.
The best GIFs are those that are best without context.
Is this someone’s home or a damn arboretum?
I may not know sports, but I know enough to recognize a great one when I see it.
Welcome to the jungle, dude.
What gave it away that he wasn’t going to make it? Was it the slow trot on the approach or the fact that this wouldn’t be funny if he made it?
Remember where we parked.

The best thing about the end of the line is that there are always a previous collection of funny GIFs revved up and ready to go.