Old Florida Man Arrested For Dousing His Girlfriend In Sex Lube

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How much lube is too much lube? Roger Archambault from Clearwater certainly answered that question.

Let’s get right into it and talk about Archambault who is 77-years-old. And apparently at that age some things are still working because he was extremely eager to have sex with his 72-year-old girlfriend, Carmen Reineck. And since the thought of Archambault’s naked body probably repulsed her, Reineck denied his sexual offer. Well, that didn’t sit well with Archambault.

The old man decided to douse his girlfriend in lube after her refusal. And that’s not all. Archambault also kicked her in the right thigh and squeeze her right hand, causing some bruising, this according to police.

from Chris Murphy 01634 686 515 A pensioner has been arrested for assaulting his elderly girlfriend - with SEX LUBE. Police in Florida made the bizarre allegations after being called out to a strange domestic. They found a 77-year-old man had doused his 72-year-old girlfriend with plenty of the lubricant, usually used to ease the art of love making, reports the Smoking Gun. Investigator said it all kicked off when she turned him down for a bit of hank panky. So he took the extraordinary step of soaking her in the sex lube, says police. According to an arrest affidavit, Roger Archambault squirted the lubricant ìall over the victimís shoulder and neckî around 11pm Friday. The official report said Archambault ìwanted to have sex with the victimî and acted ìwhen she denied himî. Officers arriving at their apartment home in the town of Clearwater found the lubricant ìwas visibleî on the woman, who also had bruises from an earlier confrontation during which Archambault allegedly kicked her in the thigh and grabbed her hand. The police report goes on to claim Archambault had locked the woman out of their home. He denies completely to ever striking his girlfriend, but investigators contend that he was ìunder the influence of alcohol and sleeping pillsî. Archambault was arrested on a pair of battery charges, but was expected to be released from the county jail on his own recognizance. He will still have to strap on an electronic alcohol monitor. ends

Wow, you can’t blame the lady.

Daily Mail

At around 11pm, the affidavit says: ‘Roger wanted to have sex with the victim and when she denied him, Roger took the sex lube and squirted it all over the victims should and neck.’ That’s when Reineck called police. Cops say that when they arrived the lube was still visible and she was locked out of the house.

Also police say Archambault, who was under the influence of alcohol and sleeping pills, denied striking Reineck. Archambault was arrested on battery charges.

So remember, folks, if your partner doesn’t want to have sex with you just hit up Netflix and binge away until you’re not thinking why your partner hates you so much anymore.

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