Today’s Funny Photos 8-2-17

How was your first day of August, everyone? Everything you always imagined? Pretty typical? Completely miserable and now you’re wondering why in the hell you get out of bed anyway? Well, for starters, you get out of bed to check out our Funny Photos. Then again you can always check these laughs out from your bed, so in other words you’re right: stay in bed! Just make sure that you’re always ready to check out our brand new batch of funnies. So once again let’s make sure that your morning takes a 180 and heads in a positive direction. And you can do that by joining us on this journey to Laughs-Ville. No word yet if an actual place exist. Enjoy the laughs!

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Today’s Funny Photos 8-2-17

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And hey, Prince was also pretty damn glorious: Prince’s Passport Photo Is Just As Fabulous As You Imagined











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We have no clue what in the hell that is either. But you know what? We know that you want some more Funny Photos. So check them out ASAP!