Woman Calls 911 While Being Strangled By Boa Constrictor

Portrait of Woman with Boa Constrictor Wrapped Around Neck. Photo: Radius Images (Getty).

Whatever happened to having normal pets? A dog, maybe? How about a cat? Is it taboo to have these pets or something?

Nowadays, people are all about having some sort of exotic animal as companionship for whatever reason. One such person thought having a boa constrictor was a good idea. From the looks of it, things came back to bite her in the ass — or in this instance, the face.

Woman Calls 911 While Being Strangled By Boa Constrictor

A woman out in Ohio who was keeping a stray boa constrictor as a pet called 911 to report that the 5-foot-long snake had wrapped itself around her neck. Also, the thing bit down on her nose and wouldn’t let go, which left the operator on the other line in shock.

According to Cleveland.com, the woman said the snake was stuck to her face and she couldn’t pry the jaws open. She had just rescued the snake the day before, and decided that keeping it was a good idea.

Maybe not the best idea.

When rescue personnel arrived, the woman was covered in blood and they had to cut off the head — not the woman’s head, the snake’s head is the one they lopped off.

“Because of how close it was wrapped around her, there were no other options,” said Wes Mariner of the Sheffield Lake Fire Department.

The woman didn’t want to be on camera, which we can only assume has to do with the fact that a damn snake nearly ripped her nose off. Either way, maybe don’t hold onto stray snakes you find out in the open. Perhaps look to rescue a hamster next time.

h/t Huffington Post

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