NGC’s Ultimate Factories – Preview

NGC's Ultimate Factories - Preview

Ultimate Factories: Dodge Challenger

“The Paint Shop” – Watch as the factory carefully applies special layers of high-gloss paint to each Challenger body.

Ultimate Factories: Maserati

“Building a Maserati Fuel Line” – The Maserati engine is a work of art that takes a good portion of the plant to produce.

“One of the Most Expensive Cars” – The powerful engines of Maserati result in powerful prices.

Ultimate Factories: Dodge Viper

“Building a Viper Engine” – Find out what it takes to make the legendary Dodge Viper engine.

“Chassis Assembly” – It takes two humungous hoists to assemble the massive amount of horsepower packed into the Viper engine.


New Ultimate Factories episodes on National Geographic Channel start Thursday, February 3 at 10PM ET/PT.